Rory Storm & The Hurricanes


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Started out in 1957 as a Skiffle group called The Raving Texans.

 started by  Alan Caldwell (later Rory Storm) and his best mate John (Guitar) Byrnes. 

 The Raving Texans played loads of gigs at the Cavern.  Won a holiday to Butlins in one of the many Skiffle contests they entered.

It was at Butlins after watching the resident group Rory Blackwell and The Blackjacks, that they discovered their new vocation in life was to be a Rock 'n Roll band.  Rory Blackwell asked guitarist John Byrne and Clive Powell who was playing the keyboards at the time to join up with him in the BlackJacks.  John declined but Clive joined up travelled to London with the group and became Georgie Fame.

line up

Alad Caldwell
John Brynes
Clive Powell



the raving texans 

 The Texans on their return to Liverpool were a changed band, they needed a new drummer and some serious amplification equipment.  

Alan met their future drummer at a local talent contest. The choice of drummer even though he didn't have a complete set of drums at the time was no other than Ringo Starr, but with Alan Caldwell's help a full set was soon obtained. The first concert Ringo played with Alan was on 25th March 1959 at The Mardi Gras at Mount Pleasant in Liverpool.  Ringo had previously been in another skiffle group called The Eddie Clayton Skiffle Group and was then drumming with a group called Darktown Skiffle.

With their new drummer Al's band then began playing local clubs and halls under the name of  Al Storm and The Hurricanes.  They wanted to audition for Butlins so approached Cliff Richard's agent George Gantry  and secured an audition. which was held at the Grafton Ballroom .  Having passed the audition they then played at Butlins in Pwhelli and Skegness, later changing their name to Rory Storm and The Hurricanes.  While at Skegness Ringo was offered the chance to join The Beatles.



1963 Oriole recorded the group.  They recorded two live LP's at the Rialto Ballroom in Liverpool called This Is Merseybeat.

Rory Storm and the Hurricanes were voted number four in the first Merseybeat polls, in 1961.  Third were The Remo Four, second were Gerry and the Pacemakers and the number one went to  The Beatles.

In 1964 Brian Epstein took the group to London to EMI in Abbey Road and recorded America and Since you Broke My Heart, which was released by Parlophone.

Rory Storm died in 1972

(Rory's sister Iris Caldwell dated George Harrison, Paul McCarney and later married Shane Fenton (Alvin Stardust))